The Burn Workout - guaranteed fun and effective.

The Burn Workout exclusively at Zone Fitness Clubs!

ZONE Fitness Clubs offers small group training HIIT workout called The Burn Workout! The Burn Workout adjusts to your current level of conditioning to enable the most productive fat loss and calorie burn possible. Utilizing the cutting edge MYZONE heart rate monitoring technology, a certified Personal Trainer delivers the 60 minutes for you to put your body at the proper intensity to increase your metabolism, increase your strength and burn calories. The workout is fun, effective and guaranteed to get you results. All fitness levels can participate.

First time participants receive a COMPLIMENTARY BURN WORKOUT SESSION (Small Group Training).

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    Benefits of The Burn Workout


    Increase Your Metablism & Burn More Fat - Not only do you burn more calories in The Burn Workout (estimated 800-1000 calories in 60 minutes*), but the after burn effect of this workout enables your body to burn 300-400 more calories* in the next 24-36 hours.


    Motivation - Everyone in the group has a goal to lose weight, tone up and get into shape, so join in and feel the power of group training. Each participant works out at their current fitness condition, but we are all doing the same exercises so everyone "fits" in.


    Cost effective - Small Group Training has all the benefits of Personal Training without the higher cost of a private trainer.

    * Results may vary by individual participant but we have a lot of members achieving these results.