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ZONE FIT  Nation Testimonials

ZONE FIT NATION is all about "real people, real results!"  Zone Fitness Clubs is an inspiring place for members to achieve their fitness goals so they can live their best life.  Every fitness achievement small or big is a step towards living one's best life. ZONE FIT Nation is here to share those stories  and celebrate them. The following are actual members of Zone Fitness Clubs and their stories:

Sara Hordges

Goal: Lose weight and tone up

Success: 18 lbs, 12 inches down and 4% body fat loss in 4 months

Statement: "Five months ago, I joined The Zone and began a lifestyle change. The tools from the trainers have enabled me to achieve personal goals. Not only has working out given me a physical transformation, but also a different outlook on my health. A big factor into my success has been having Jeff  George as a personal trainer. He pushes me to new limits and tailors the workouts to my fitness level. He is creative with his workouts which makes working out even more fun. As well, his nutrition plan for me has allowed me to stay on track and continue to see results!"

Jennifer Rodriquez

Goal: Lose weight and tone up

Success: Lost 7 lbs, 4 pant sizes and 6.5 total body inches

Statement: "Personal Training with Danielle is helping me achieve my fitness goals.  The weight is finally coming off and I feel great!"

Pat Allen

Goal: Look better, feel better and lose the extra weight I put on over the years

Success: Lost over 40 lbs

Statement: "Since joining Zone Fitness and executing on my committment to eat healthy and exercise, I have lost over 40 lbs in only 4 months.  I am motivated by my husband and grandchildren.  I want my retirement years to be filled with fun adventures and the only way to make that wish come true is to get in shape!"

Richard Hanisco

Goal: Increase muscle mass, strength, speed for running

Starting wieght: 140

Current weight: 145

Statement: "My training with Nic Mapes, Certified Personal Trainer made me stronger and it improved my long distance running for marathons.  I gained 5 lbs. of lean muscle mass."

Jennifer King

Starting weight: 213

Success:  Lost 22 lbs. in 3 months

Program: One on One Personal Training

Personal Trainer: Mike Osipov; CTP

Statement: "All of the Zone Fitness staff are very knowledgeable and helpful to help me reach my goals."

Steve King

Starting weight: 310

Success:  Lost 32 lbs. in 3 months

Program: One on One Personal Training

Personal Trainer: Mike Osipov; CTP

Statement: "All of the Zone Fitness Personal Trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting the members and showing us the proper technique with exercises."

Terri Fields

Starting weight: 216

Success:  Lost 17 lbs. in 3 months

Program: the Zone Workout - 60 minutes sessions

Statement: "Zone Fitness is a top notch facility. After 15 years of not entering a gym, I was very hesitant.  But Zone Fitness has made that a non-issue.  It not only has well-kept workout areas, but the entire crew is extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful.  Everyone takes the time to show even us newcomers the new and different equipment and how to use them.  My personal trainer, Michael, is very knowledgeable and is able to keep me motivated (a sizable feat).  Thanks Zone Fitness for helping me to change my life!"

Mark Reynold

Starting weight: 185

Success: Lost 10 lbs and 2 inches in the waist line in 2 months

Program: the Zone Workout - 60 minutes sessions

Statement: "I have been to a lot of gyms over the years, Zone Fitness Clubs provides the level of product I would expect from a high end fitness club but with a price I can easily afford.  I used the MY ZONE Heart Rate belt.  It's very effective and it helps by providing a solid goal when I train alone."

Carie Hue

Success: Lost 6 inches in the waist line in 2 months 

Program: the Zone Workout - 60 minutes sessions


If you want professional guidance, effective workouts, lots of motivation, a ZONE Personal Trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals.

How to get started?

  • All members receive complimentary fitness evaluation from a certified personal trainer ($110 value) with their membership.  This is scheduled at the Reception Desk at the club.
  • Zone Fitness Clubs offers "unlimited training" on the fitness floor to all members.  Certified Personal Trainers are on the fitness floor to help show you how to use the equipment, answer questions and support your workouts; all included with any membership.
  • With a Premier ZONE Fitness Membership, you can enjoy a monthly evaluation with a trainer as part of your program.
  • If you would like to work with a trainer on a regular basis, talk to any of the ZONE Team staff to get set up.

Schedule a FREE Fitness evaluation by contact the Club nearest you or stop by the Reception Desk and we will get you scheduled!

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