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Zone Fitness Clubs Carrollwood
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Zone Fitness Clubs Carrollwood


Located in Town Center
4802 Gunn Hwy.
Suite #142
Tampa, FL 33624



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Welcome to ZONE Fitness Clubs, home of "The Best Workout on the Planet" - the Zone Workout and a intimidation free health Club experience where everyone is welcomed and accepted no matter what their physical condition may be!  Zone Fitness Clubs offers a complete health club at an unbelievable & affordable membership rate!

Come experience the small group personal training program called the  ZONE Workout!  This workout is scientifically backed by excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) to burn an estimated average of 900 calories* in a 60 minute interval training session.  Post workout you will "after burn”  estimated 200-400 more calories* over the next 36 hours by a increase in metabolism and energy to help you achieve great fitness results. 

Our mission statement is: we focus on putting our Members First!  We do this by providing exceptional customer service, a clean club and a well-equipped health club all at an affordable membership rate.  Be our guest and come check us out!


Monday - Thursday 5am - 11pm

Friday 5am - 10pm

Saturday 8am - 8pm

Sunday 8am - 7pm


  •    Over 50 pieces of cardio equipment with personal TV's
  •    A Ton of free weights and strength training equipment
  •    30 - minute express circuit training equipment
  •    Personal Training services
  •    Functional training area called "the ZONE" equipped with kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX, and much more
  •    MYZONE Heart Rate programming
  •    Abdominal training equipment and stretching area
  •    Executive locker rooms with showers
  •    Senior fitness classes - Silver Sneakers Accepted!
  •    Cross Fit / High Intensity workout equipment
  •    And much more...


ZONE Fitness Clubs, LLC was founded in 2013 in New Port Richey (Trinity), Florida.  The goal of this club is to create a comfortable health club allowing all members to experience professional instruction, great workout programming and most importantly – have fun! 

ZONE Fitness Clubs is truly a revolutionary club concept. If you want to belong to a club that offers the future of fitness programming now, visit us today!

the ZONE FITNESS workout theory

The theory behind the small group training program: the ZONE WORKOUT is known as "Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption -EPOC," informally called "after burn.” Through the use the MYZONE heart rate belt participants wear, we can track your workout intensity to ensure you are working out at the right intensity for you.  This 60 minute workout program is designed to enable your body to perform at multiple levels and produce EPOC.  This will allow your body to post workout burn 200-400 calories* over the next 24-36 hours. This all equals burning more calories, support faster weight lose and getting in better shape faster!

The ZONE Workout will help you look better, feel better and increase your cardio endurance, muscle strength, power, and enable you to obtain tremendous weight loss, if these are the goals you want to achieve.  

Whether you are just getting started, want to lose weight or have been a workout "fanatic" for a long time, the ZONE Workout will take you to a workout intensity that is right for your body.  Be prepared to feel motivated, workout in a group setting and move your body at the proper intensity for you.  The ZONE Workout combines the use of treadmills, rowers, Octane Fitness ellipticals & Power Blocks, TRX training, functional training equipment and the MY Zone heart rate system to offer an amazing workout guaranteed to get you results with regular participation

* Results may vary by individual participant but we have a lot of members with these amazing results.


ZONE Fitness Club Personal Trainers are the finest in the fitness industry.  Our certified trainers all have nationally recognized personal training certificates and selected on our staff because they have the ability to motivate you and provide you with the proper exercise instruction to get you results in a group or one-on-one personal training session.

club HOURS

Monday - Thursday              5am to 11pm
Friday   5am to 10pm
Saturday   8am to 8pm
Sunday   8am to 7pm
Amazing gym. Mini price. Membership starting at only $10/month
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* Results may vary by individual participating in the Zone Workout.